A Muslim Woman, the Burkha and the Art of Kissing


Kissing is generally accepted as an expression of love in all communities and religions. While kissing a Christian or Hindu woman is no big deal, yet kissing a Muslim woman is quite a challenge. This is so because Muslim women wear the Hijab or Burkha. This is large gown worn over a normal dress.It is usually made of black colored cloth and covers the entire body and face as well, leaving only the eyes uncovered.

The Burkha is illegal to wear in some parts of Europe but all over the world it is very much a part of the apparel of Muslim women and girls. In fact a lot many Muslim scholars and theologians insist on the Burkha as a part of Muslim dress code. Thus kissing a girl in a burkha can be a challenging affair. Therefore as a first step you must be friends with a Muslim girl. There is very little chance that you can have a casual encounter with a Muslim girl at a café or movie hall.

However in case the Muslim girl is your friend then, it is imperative that you talk to her softly and not touch her in public. Ask her and in case she agrees escort her to a secluded spot or an apartment of your friend or your own residence. This is the initial step and will help break the ice

Escort her to the secluded spot or room and as a first step kiss her hands and speak of your love for her. Tell her that you are sure she is more beautiful than a caliph’s princess and ask her to show her moon faced beauty. Softly kiss her hands and gently lift up the veil that covers her face.

Gaze into her eyes and breathe her breath. Tell her how beautiful she is and again kiss her hands. Follow up by slowly bringing your face close to her and give her a chaste kiss. In case she accepts you can follow up with a deeper smooch and lip lock. Let your tongue explore her mouth and tell her that she is Allah’s gift to you. You may then even slowly remove the chaddar or Burkha. All in all it will be a tribute to your patience. But make no attempt to force the pace and let the events unfold like a slow flowing river.


Source by Madan G Singh

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