All Rolled into One

This debut short film by Transnistrian avant-garde filmmaker Carolina Dutca is a hypnotic and fragmented picture of her memories, when she was attracted to girls. “This attraction stayed with me since kindergarten, but from my teenage years I began to fear that showing feelings towards the female sex would cause my friendships to break down. This is the reason I have had only boys in my life, but deep inside, I am firm and confident that I am bisexual, and I hope to overcome this fear in the near future.”

Director Carolina Dutca
Animation Cristian Dutca, Carolina Dutca
Music Nick Makeev
Producer Vika Stoianova
Starring Vlada Art, Carolina Dutca, Cristian Dutca, Nonna Mavrogheni

Moldova, 2018, 5:44 minutes. 18+

Awards and Grants
2018 – Winner, UNDP Grant, OWH Studio, Apriori Legal Information Center, Chisinau – Moldova
Film Festivals
2019/09 – Deptford Cinema Film Festival, London – UK
2019/08 – Festival CONTEXT, Bolshoe Goloustnoe, Baikal Lake – Russia
2019/05 – Documentary Film Festival Chesnok, Category: Local Program – Transnistria and Moldova
2019/05 – International Documentary Film Festival CRONOGRAF, Category: Local Production, Chisinau – Moldova
2019/04 – SFG International Film Festival, Official Selection, Cluj-Napoca – Romania
2019/01 – International Film Festival Queer Voices, Chisinau – Moldova

2018/12 – International Film Festival Creative Documentaries Artdocfest, Program “Sreda”, Moscow – Russia
2018/12 – The Lobo Fest – International Film Festival, Category: International Short, Brasilia – Brazil
2018/09 – LGBTQ+ Film Festival «Painting the Spectrum» 14th edition, Category: LGBTQ+ Shorts, Georgetown – Guyana
Vlada Art, Dmitrii Filimonov, Nick Makeev, Cristian Dutca, Irina Dutca, Roman Ursan, Nonna Mavrogheni, Ruben Agadjanean, Violeta Gorgos, Natali Sava, Alexandra Telpis

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