Anarkali Denoised

Introduction of Anarkali Bazaar:
Anarkali bazaar (Urdu: اناركلى بازار‎) is an important bazār (market) in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is one of the oldest surviving markets in South Asia, dating back at least 200 years.
The market derives its name from a nearby mausoleum thought to be that of a slave girl named Anārkalī, buried alive by order of the Mughal Emperor Akbar for having Love affair with the Emperor’s son, Prince Salīm, later to become Emperor Jahāngīr.

Anarkali Bazar is the oldest bazaar of Lahore, Pakistan. It sells textiles, garments, jewellery, and many other items.
The mausoleum of Sultan Qutb-ud-din Aybak of Mamluk Sultanate is also located at Anarkali Bazaar. In the early 1970s, mausoleum was renovated at the orders of the then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

The Film:
Stepping into Anarkali Bazar we are taken into an aura of shops layered with multiple personalities, organised to reflect attitudes, values, and priorities of the sellers. With this, each shop delivers a purposeful and deliberate impression of its owners and acts as an extension of their personalities & beliefs.

I have taken attributes linked with each shop and compared as to how each shop delivers a different aura and personality that eventually affects the mood & behaviour of the buyer.

Directed & Edited by: Haseeb S Khan

Music: Are you dubbed – Ministry of Dubkey
Camera: Canon 60D with Canon 50mm 1.8 + Canon 18-55mm
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Software: Adobe After effects CS6 + Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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