Angelina Call-Girl

Heiko and his girlfriend Angelina live in Berlin. Heiko is a small criminal, while Angelina prostitutes herself with politicians and wealthy men. Both of them have big dreams. Heiko wins a huge amount of money at poker only to lose everything at the end of the day. The mafioso Bruno makes a deal with Heiko. He wants him to trade cocaine for him. The deal goes wrong. Silvio, another mafioso, gets mad because of the bad quality of the cocaine. Heiko finds out that Angelina has been kidnapped, so he returns the money, in order to save Angelina.
Language German – with Captions and Subtitles in English and German.

Robert Homann-Cauquil

Ute Homann & Robert Homann-Cauquil

Camera by
Etienne Pixa and Inès Asmami

Ya-Tang Hsu

Robert Homann-Cauquil & Hugo Fortis

With Heiko Lehmann, Felicitas Schreier, Alexander Marriot, Jens Adolf Frese, Saskia Crehl, Pamela Tietz, Veronika Esslinger, Chris Theisinger, Christine Kostropetsch, Duplex, Toni Traum, Daniela Lachmund, and Tomaso Cannello.

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