At Kazoku-Ai, we are not just about serving the best foods, it is about the Experience.

Kazoku-Ai Modern Teppanyaki Kitchen serves up the best Gourmet Japanese Teppanyaki and Tempura dishes in Malaysia. The number one rule of thumb we live by is the word “Fresh”. We serve up the freshest spread of Seafood & Meat dishes that is beyond and above most restaurants today. We serve up over 20 individual Teppanyaki and more than 15 different types of Tempura Dishes that will take your taste buds around the World and back.

Our Master Chef Specials Menu:
Salmon Sashimi
Spaghetti Mentaiko
Teppanyaki Kazoku-Ai fire Crab
Teppanyaki Tiger King Prawns
and much more

Over 60 years of experience including a double award winning Chef. We created two World’s Firsts namely The Kazoku-Ai Fire Crab and the Teppanyaki Giant Zebra Mantis Prawns.Besides Teppanyaki & Tempura as our specialty, we also serve a bunch of Authentic Japanese dishes such as our Signature Maki, Sashimi, Grilled Salmon Head and much more. Our other MUST HAVES are dishes like our Teppanyaki Scallops, Spaghetti Mentaiko, Teppanyaki Lamb Cutlets, Kagoshima Wagyu and Tofu Steaks. Everything from our comprehensive menu to our amazing ambiance gives you a dining experience like no other.

At Kazoku-Ai, we are not just about serving the best foods, it is about the Experience
Reserved and Book Today! Call us on +603-7983-1919 or visit us at

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