Audio Clip of Lynn Schnurnberger’s The Best Laid Plans

Listen to an audio clip of Lynn Schnurnberger’s The Best Laid Plans, available on audiobook from Dreamscape Media.

A novel of big secrets, family ties, and a reminder that sometimes “The Best Laid Plans” can lead to delightful surprises.

Raised by an overbearing beauty queen mother, Tru Newman, a wealthy stay-at-home mom in the Upper Eastside, devotedly looks after her investment banker husband and their twin teen daughters. But her perfect world crumbles when Tru discovers that Peter’s been out of work for three months and the family’s financials are about to collapse.

Desperate for cash, Tru and her recently fired best friend, Sienna Post, hatch a profitable if illegal plan: Open an escort service with “working girls” all over the age of forty. Once hatched, their seasoned escorts become a big hit with a roster of thirty-year-old clients.

If only Tru’s personal life could fall so easily into place: Her husband’s new job has him working side-by-side with a flirtatious neighbor, her daughters are competing for the same boy’s affections, and after suffering a heart attack, Tru’s mother moves in with her. Plus word gets out that Tru and Sienna’s “temp agency” isn’t legit, and now the DA is on their case.

But for the savvy and spirited Tru, these new obstacles bring unexpected benefits and welcomed experiences. By turns touching and laugh-out-loud funny, this is a must-read for every woman who knows it’s never too late to make a fresh start.

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