AUGUST #SavePelo

Hope Everyone Likes Pelos
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I need to talk about the meaning of the video, the comment section smells like poop with all the shit they are throwing!!!

All the video is a Parody of the Marina Joyce, that’s the main joke, but The belt guy is the people who rushed me and sent me death treats for the underpants video, (I add the genocide ending because everyone knows I am going to work in the video this month) but not all the undertale fandom is bad, a bunch of people said sorry for what happened before, more than what you think, and thats something really nice, sooo pleaaase, don’t be an ass shitting everyone, sadly the bad guys of the fandom have more presence than the good ones, and lets be honest, every fandom has shit!!!



If you want to react to any video, make a youtube poop, remix, put it as a clip in one of your video reviews, or even subtitles for your country, is 100% ok for me, just put the credits in the description (links for the original video and channel), is not that hard, some of us want to let people know who is the creator.

and Please, DO NOT REUPLOAD OR MONETIZE A COMPILATION WITH ANY VIDEO, I really don’t want to report.

If you have any doubts please let me know before using a video thank you for understand.


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