Ayia Napa – The New Ibiza?


Some people think that Cyprus is a nice and idyllic little island in the Mediterranean Sea. Although this might be right for some parts in Cyprus – the island has certainly entered the 21st century with a bang. Believe me I did my research on Cyprus, especially because I am getting married rather soon (I know exciting times!). It is a great place all round for people who are in a relationship, who are looking for a relationship, who are getting married or who already got married (or people who simply want to let their hair down!).

Cyprus isn’t the biggest of islands, but got many different facets. One area in Cyprus has attracted some attention, especially from party people, over the last few years. Ayia Napa, a resort in the south-east of the island. Years ago very popular as family destination it has slowly but surely attracted younger holiday makers – who want to chill on the sandy beaches during the day (getting over their hangovers) and party hard during the rather long nights.

Yes, Ibiza ‘eat your heart out’! Ayia Napas is catching up and has, by now, established a relatively stable partying scene.

Party Scene – One of the main indicators that Ayia Napa is becoming a well-established party place is the growing club scene. The list of clubs is becoming longer – and their reputation is getting out there. One of the main clubs in Ayia Napa (which you shouldn’t miss out on) is the “Castle Club”. Not only is it the biggest club in Ayia Napa, but also of whole of Cyprus. The club almost re-creates itself each year (making people come back for more each time) – and offers a great night out for anyone. And if I say “anyone” I really mean it – because it got 3 music rooms (each with a different style), an open air terrace, a VIP lounge – and a total of 14 bars with 9 DJ’s. Other famous clubs include “black and white” – which is an R&B club only, “Club Ice” – famous for its club nights, such as Twice as Nice and Foam Parties (very popular with the good old British tourists).

Plus, if you haven’t had enough of dancing, drinking and general flirting after a night out in the clubs above, than there is always “Club Aqua”, a very popular club for those ‘very’ late nights! Girls do not worry about staying out late in Ayia Napa – it counts as a very safe place to be. Strangely although alcohol flows strongly in clubs, bars and really wherever you go around the city – people still seem to behave themselves and stick to the general etiquette.

Once you wake up (with a really bad, bad, bad hangover) you can then stagger your way to Nissi Beach where the fun continues, with great bars and loud music. Or you could just have a little lay in the sand, listen to your iPod and try to suck up some sun and regenerate for the next wave of night action. For the sport enthusiast (or whoever would like to look really sexy on a jet ski – if that’s even possible) there are plenty of water sport facilities at Nissi Beach. As a general rule one could say that the party never really stops in Ayia Napa!

Prices – OK, honestly, if you are looking for cheap fun – Ayia Napa can’t keep up with the prices of Ibiza. However, over the last couple of years competition between bars and clubs has grown significantly – which means a price war on drink prices. Nights out might still end up more expensive than a night out back in good old UK. But I guess, for 340 days of sun, sandy beaches and some of the best clubs in Europe – you will be happy to pay the extra penny. And who knows – with more tourists flocking to the island each year – competition will grow, which could push prices even further.

The other point that could be a bit pricier is that it is almost double the travel time from UK to Cyprus (4hrs 30min) compared to UK to Ibiza (2hrs 30min). Flights might be a nudge more expensive – but you might always be able to snap up a cheap Easy Jet or Ryanair flight. The travel time also means that it might not be suitable for a short weekend trip – you will have to have at least an extended weekend to make it really count.

Accommodation – If you are one of the families that are braving party mad Ayia Napa, due to the amazing beaches, local cuisine and sunshine, but do not really want to get in contact with the actual party goers (or their hangovers) – than a villa might be the right thing for you. There are countless villas in Cyprus with pools, which will allow you to holiday privately and still enjoy a dip in the water with plenty of sun.

Villas are also great for the younger people looking to party (sorry families!) – ‘why’ you are asking? It is because, most villas will hold a minimum of four people and are charged on a weekly basis. This means that it might work out cheaper than booking into one of the Hotels or Resorts. So less money spent on accommodation equals more money for booze and partying. Plus, if you had enough partying in those clubs you could have a private pool party back at your villa!

If you are thinking of a party holiday this summer, I would definitely say Ayia Napa should be on your list (even if you are a hard-core Ibiza fan!). Get your research on!


Source by Nathalie Martin

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