Barriers Regarding Second Language Acquisition in Female Students


This article explores the social, linguistic and cultural barriers that discourages English language learning in female students in two of the major cities of Punjab (Bahawalpur and Lahore), Pakistan. The purpose of this article is to highlight the language learning barriers and hurdles created by male dominated society and how female students are facing problems. A likert scale questionnaire consisting of 15 questions were put forward to 50 respondents of age under 20 years. The questionnaires have been analyzed through SPSS along with the Stephan Krashen (1986) theory of language acquisition. It will also look for the major causes of barriers in language learning especially for girls. It points out the urge of female students to learn English as a second language. The learning process is hampered by the false interpretation of social, linguistic and cultural barriers. These barriers are held responsible for the obstruction in learning second language. Furthermore, study explores various factors involved in lapse of language learning and also tries to probe deep to take out the scenario of Bahawalpur and Lahore, Pakistan. Through data analysis we come to know that the result of questionnaire proves to be fruitful and it is clear that Social factors play an important role as language barrier for the female students of Southern Punjab. Hence, the paper will specifically focus upon the stereotypical thinking regarding the learning second language.

Rida Sarfraz, University of Management and Technology, Pakistan
Naheed Ashfaq, University of Management and Technology, Pakistan
Faiza Abid, University of Management and Technology, Pakistan

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