Beta64 – Super Mario Galaxy with guest Scott the Woz!

Learn how Super Mario 128 turned into one of the greatest Mario games of all time: Super Mario Galaxy! Plus, get a look at early planets, scrapped enemies, and more!


See MORE changes in Super Mario Galaxy’s footage here:

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38 thoughts on “Beta64 – Super Mario Galaxy with guest Scott the Woz!”

  1. This game is when I really started wondering if the characters were like the Zelda crew, in which they're all just variations of the same characters but in different realities. There were inconsistencies as well as just other thing that didn't make sense if they were serial vs different worlds and their 'reality'. Just having the same people there, so like parallel universes basically. Nintendo should make a Legend of Zelda featuring all the Links in it and bring together the entire story. Have the weird Wind Waker version, Links Past, Link's Adventure, Twilight Princess Link, Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask, and Breath of the Wild. I know a lot of people hate Twilight Princess but it's honestly my favorite besides the king: Links to the Past. But I don't know I didn't think Wind Waker was fun, or Link's Adventure (Game Genie required game), or even Ocarina of Time. There were only some '3D' games I actually liked on N64 despite growing up with it as a young teenager. I thought Mario 64 was cool but only played and beat it once, as opposed to World in which I played all the way through with all the secrets at least a dozen times. On that note I wasn't a fan of all the Mario games they made for Gamecube either like Sunshine or Odyssey. The "New Super Mario" games are cool cause I like the Koopa Kids, but other than that it's just a rehash of 3 and World (the best of the series).

  2. When Mario gets a star in the Super Mario Galaxy E3 demo,it's not the theme when Mario reaches the flagpole in Super Mario Bros.,it's actually the theme when Mario in Super Mario Bros. beats the castle boss.

  3. Still to this date my favorite Mario game. The physics around gravity just has that wow effect not present in the following 3D Mario games including odyssey and 3D world. And the orchestrated music is by far the best music produced for a Mario game.

  4. That's not what Object Oriented programming means. OOP is just the concept of having classes with variables, functions, and usually inheritance. The concept of having a level load predefined objects is called Prefabs.

  5. Ya know, I only started playing Mario Galaxy for the first time like, a few days ago. And I'm having a blast. I've never owned a Wii. In fact, I didn't even have a GameCube. My Nintendo obsession kinda stopped when PS2 came out, followed by me switching to Xbox 360 for that generation and later. So, I missed out on GameCube, Wii, Wii U, currently the Switch that I can't afford. I also missed out on about half of the original DS since mine got stolen, and only recently got a 2DS. So, Nintendo was kinda off my radar for a while (aside from the Game Boy, GBC, GBA, and DS).

    But lately, I've been playing a ton of GameCube and Wii, and some of these games are amazing. I'm absolutely loving Mario Galaxy, and it's great being able to play something other than a handheld Mario Kart game again. Also just started Metroid Prime for GameCube, and am enjoying it so far too.

    I can't say I'm disappointed that I went with PS2 and Xbox instead of Nintendo stuff. I loved my PS2, and I loved my 360, and love my Xbox Series S. But I AM glad I can at least play GameCube, Wii, and 3DS games now, and wouldn't mind owning a Switch if I ever get the money.

  6. This is a fascinating video. One of my favorite Wii Games. Though it's funny you mention Rosalina's resemblance to Peach. Because Rosalina's backstory possibly reveals her to be the daughter of Mario and Peach. If that is the case well then Mario has to marry Peach for real in the next game.

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