BIKRAM: YOGI, GURU, PREDATOR | Official Trailer | Netflix

BIKRAM: YOGI, GURU, PREDATOR releases globally on Netflix on November 20, 2019.

BIKRAM: YOGI, GURU, PREDATOR explores the dramatic rise and fall of Bikram Choudhury, the controversial founder of hot yoga.

Watch Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator, only on Netflix:


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BIKRAM: YOGI, GURU, PREDATOR | Official Trailer | Netflix

This documentary charts the rise and fall of hot yoga founder Bikram Choudhury as his global empire is born and disturbing revelations come to light.


28 thoughts on “BIKRAM: YOGI, GURU, PREDATOR | Official Trailer | Netflix”

  1. Women have this luxury of calling even consensual intercourse as rape whenever they feel like framing a man. Who is going to validate? They are "women" afterall, an epitome of truth and honesty. Not saying that the guru was pious and innocent, but why didn't all these women raise their voices at the right time? Oh probably because they wanted his support and guidance in getting their yoga centers started so that they could make millions by using his name.

  2. Too much misinformation in this Doc for me to believe this. For example, Netflix said Bikram stole the sequence from his Guru pamphlet Yoga Cure. Has anyone read Yoga Cure. It is completely different lol

  3. This is such a scary story and shows how gullible Americans are – the guy was clearly a psycho and the media should´ve done some research in terms of his history and background. The Yoga part clearly came from his teacher in India – he didn´t create anything, except chaos and humiliation, especially to young women.

  4. I had the documentary on MyList for some time now and i just watched and realised that there are Bikram studios in Mx including one in my city. No very popular one but still disgust me the fact that his name still on and promoting

  5. He doesn't fool me actually he has oppressive predatory behaviour a shame someone can be really good at something with these underlying motives there is something wrong with his mentality and the way he views women

  6. What he did is not Yoga!! Just bunch of exercises. This predator must be arrested and executed for sullying the good name of the blissful practice of Yoga. What an asshole!

  7. Wtf bitch what u mean by i kissed him we he raped me and i said good night sir and i went to sleep
    and the other one sara who said i telled him good night sir after trying to rape her
    and the indian one who went to massage his fet in 2 am what the hell
    why u went to his beedroom ans u start massaging him that's not a yoga don't try tp act innocent
    and his manager who was working with him but when he fired her she start to say that he is a bad man and his yoga is terrible when u was working with him it was good but whe he fired u it's become not correct and i don't know what

  8. I never hear of him but at staring of vedio he look creepy ,I don’t understand women didn’t understand how dangerous he was. We can even guess if some boy eye tease us , it’s truth that girls can feel totally different when there are creeps around her. He look same as that middle age guy who grabs girls every in public places ,offices , school and cllges.

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