The story is narrated by Zainub (Humaima
a death prisoner, who was granted her last wish to tell her story in a press

Her parents wishing for a son ended up with 5 daughters and a transgender.
Hakim (Manzar Sehbai),
her father and a herbal medicine doctor, wanted to kill the child but his
wife did not let him. Saifi, disliked by his father, was home-schooled and
became very skilled at sketching.

Zainub, after divorce, returned home where her mother kept getting pregnant.
Zainub had tubal ligation done
on her mother in the absence of her father to prevent future pregnancies.
Hakim on finding out about the surgery was furious with Zainub.

With the time Zainub discovered Saifi’s effeminateness, consulted Mustafa(Atif
Aslam ). He took Saifi to a guy who
was in charge of drawings/paintings on trucks where Saifi was raped later
on. A person of GLBTG helped Saifi to return home. Hakim, upon learning that
his son was raped, choked him to death with a plastic bag, which was
witnessed by Zainub.

The shemale reported the muder to the
police. Hakim, in order to save himself, bribed the police with the money
that was entrusted to him by the masjid

After sometime Masjid committee asked Hakim to return the money. Having no
other option, Hakim went to Saqa (Shafqat
his former patient and owner of a brothel, to pay him monthly for teaching
the religion to his children. As the time was short, Hakim offered to
mortgage his house for money but Saqa, not interested at all, proposed that
Hakim should have a baby girl with his daughter Meena(Iman
for money. Saqa would only keep the child if it were a girl. Hakim agreed on
condition that Saqa would not disclose this pact. Hakim married Meena.

Meena gave birth to a baby girl but Hakim, not wanting Saqa to make the baby
a prostitute, requested Meena to hand him the baby so he could save the
baby. Saqa overhearing this kicked him out of his house.

One night, Meena came to Hakim’s place to gave him her baby. On finding out
the truth, Hakim and his wife quarrelled. Realizing about her father’s 2nd
wife, Zainub asked him to bring his 2nd wife home so they could all leave
the city together before dawn. While all this was going on Saqa arrived with
his men and broke into the house. Hakim, in order to keep Saqa from getting
the baby, tried killing the baby but was killed by a fatal blow on head by
Zainub. Zainub told Saqa that she killed her father because he killed the
baby and disposed the body.

As the time was over, the media gathering ended and Zainub was hanged.

The movie ends showing Zainub’s family struggling for their bread and butter
starts a food service outside their house gradually turning the house into a
cafe raising their living standard. They also take care of the their
youngest sister who they saved from her father’s brutality.

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