“Call Girl”

2 min. clip from a 10.05 min. film following a series of Live Performances originally in (p)ART of the exhibition “Call Girl” in situ at Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris, 2000

Addressing the sex industry and its’ market exchange strategies in the context and limitations of an embassy institution « Call Girl 01 44 43 21 65 » promotes a fictive escort/personals agency. Comprising a series of visiting cards interventivly distributed throughout different locations in Paris and ongoing 3 month inter-active performance at the C.C.C., the gallery space is transformed into a meeting room/salon, replete with actresses (and artist) to play the role of call girls who welcome visitors, answer the telephone line and further perpetuate the myth. Paradoxically, to its model, this agency has no lucrative goal; the only promise is under the formula of “100% dialogue”.

Credits :
Concept, Direction, Design, Image, Text, Voice, Production • Nadine Norman
The Call Girls • Magali Houth • Bérengère Jean • Valère Habermann, Emanuelle Monteil • Nadine Norman • Catherine Salvini • Brenda Clark • Sandrine Rommel
Guards • Vincent Navarro & Denis Mathieu
Camera & Sound • Josquin Bonaldi
Editing • Josquin Bonaldi & Nadine Norman
Video Production • Nadine Norman
Sponsors :
Clothing • Dries Van Noten • Xuly Bët • Isabel Marant
Make-up • MAC Cosmetics
Hair • Michel Cathou
Furniture • Claude & Daniel Arasse
Music • John Livingston

Location & Performance Production in situ : Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris

All images belonging to Call Girl © Nadine Norman 2000

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