Cluster Feeding

A raw and visceral poem about the first days and weeks feeding a newborn.

Performed by the extraordinary Victoria Yeates (Fantastic Beasts, a Discovery of Witches, Call the Midwife), this is the first film in my Postpartum Poems Project – the aim of which is to empower as many mothers, birthing people and parents as possible.

I had a baby in 2019 and it changed me into a different person. That might seem a trite statement to some. But I personally have never been through such a primal and life changing experience before.

So I am now actively pushing forwards with more projects that empower women and girls in my work. There absolutely isn’t enough content about pregnancy, birth and postpartum out there and I think there needs to be more!

I don’t know if you ever have moments in life where it feels like you are capturing snapshots of what is happening to you in your mind? Memories so vivid and affecting that you just know you will recall them forever.

This feeling inspired me to write three poems about experiences I had postpartum based on three such points in time. As soon as I put pen to paper the words just flowed out.

This is my Postpartum Poems Project. I am shooting each poem as a simple monologue to camera and releasing each video (as and when it is completed) on social media, with ‘shout out’ hashtags highlighting organisations that offer support to mothers, birthing people and families postpartum.

❤️ It is my hope that they will help women, birthing people and parents feel seen and less alone during what can be an extremely difficult time both mentally and physically.

✍️ The following list is by no means exhaustive but here are some organisations that lend support to parents, navigating what can be a bumpy road, on their breastfeeding journey:

Lactation Consultants of Great Britain

Find an IBCLC

The best thing I did when I was at the lowest point with breastfeeding was to get help from a lactation consultant. She made it possible for me to continue successfully and comfortably. I wish their services were available to all, through the NHS, because I believe they are invaluable to the both the mental and physical health of parents and babies.

UK Instagram Tags –

Breastfeeding Advice

Women and Birthing People of Colour –

Written, Directed & Produced by Rebecca Manley
Performed by Victoria Yeates
Director of Photography Peter Ellmore
Sound Record & Mix Jamie Frye
Editor Vathana Suganya Suppiah

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