Colombian Ambush – Escort

When traveling abroad, how many Colombians get the same reaction when asked where they are from? They usually get “Oh, the land of cocaine!” or “That Escobar guy is amazing huh?”.

Well, that’s very frustrating, is that the only thing people know about this country? As Colombians, we have struggled with a negative perception about our country for decades. NOW, WE ARE UNITING TO PUT AN END TO OUR PAST.

That’s why Kree8 Productions and Dieste decided to do this campaign called “Colombian Ambush”

Agency: Dieste
Creative Director: Ciro Sarmiento
Agency Executive Producer: John Costello
Production Company: Kree8 Productions
Director: Simon Brand
Executive Producer: Marcos Cline-Marquez
Producer: Jose Ignacio Morales Vitola
Cinematographer: Santiago Otoya
Post Production Supervisor: Daniel Piñeros
Editors: Jaime Valdueza Milo Brooklyn
Ricardo Javier
Sound Design & Mix: Harmonix
Juan Diego Borda
Color Correction: Beach House
Michael Pethel

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