Dating Hot Latin Women: 3 Secrets No Wingman Will Tell You


So you’ve wised up to the fact that there are a ton of extremely fit and eligible Latin babes between the ages of 18-40 who are single. You’ve also clicked that a high percentage of these Amazon Goddesses may perhaps be interested in you if you could find a way to approach them.

Well fellow friend, let me tell you that “dutch courage” alone will not get you far – you may get a few polite exchanges – but you’re not gonna unlock the fiery passions of a Latin beauty without engaging in a little Latin panache yourself.

So without further ado here are 3 tips which will definitely help you spice up your relationship with any senorita.

1) Learn some Spanish (or Portuguese if your target is Brazil)

Now I’ll be honest with you, we’re not looking at fluency or anything crazy like that. I mean it’s just too taxing on the brain cells. And let’s get real here – what type of man wants to be stuck in books for two years just on the of chance he may impress a Latin girl with his linguistic dexterity.

No – just learn the important stuff – the “sweet nothings” that you can whisper in her ear while seducing her under the stars on a moon-lit night. She’s gonna respond to that kind of stuff – it will warm her up beyond belief. And I’ll tell you man, you’re gonna get a reaction – and it will be the type of response any hot-blooded male would appreciate.

2) Learn to Tango.

Hey guys – have watched the recently released “Little Fockers” – Dustin Hoffman is on great form! Watch and learn because even an old grandpa has a trick or two up his sleeve when it comes to impressing a Latina temptress.

Seriously though if you Tango you’re in for a treat. Any Latin woman is gonna be seriously turned on for the simple reason – the Tango is ritual foreplay! Think about it – you will give your woman the chance to exercise her dominatrix personality with sensuality in a dance that is highly sexual. Ask any woman – whether Latin or not – if such a ritual secretly floats her boat – the answer will always be in the affirmative. So get those hips a-rolling and learn how to hold your Latin beauty on the dance floor.

3) Learn about Latin Food

It doesn’t matter how rich or cool you are; no woman is gonna be interested in you if you do not know a little of her culture. Latin Women have a rich and ancient heritage but you really don’t need to know it all. Just get to grips with the important bits. Food!

Now if you’re in the dating game with hot Latin women you’re gonna spend some time dining out. And the chances are high that at some stage you will frequent some Latin or Spanish restaurants. Let her do the ordering – she will enjoy introducing her type of food – but know something about Latin dishes before hand so that you can discuss with her the subtleties of Latin cooking – I’ll guarantee she’ll be deeply impressed. No! she’ll be more than impressed – she’ll be intrigued! And an intrigued woman is like a fish that has already taken bait. All you need to do is wheel her in!

Ah – the beauty of hot Latin brides!


Source by Brendan McCartney

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