Escort interview-Valentina

Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Valentina, an escort in Los Angeles.

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42 thoughts on “Escort interview-Valentina”

  1. I'm not a psychiatrist but I feel this poor girl is exhibiting signs of early schizophrenia which is sadly, very hereditary. Her struggle to keep it all together is palpable. I hope for the best for her.

  2. she look good dont need no kids anytime soon . shes pretty much open to anything . u need to start linkn there social media at least u do low key exploit them and suggar daddying on the side i like her id defintely do her she needs to come to Houston. u do too do interviews out here plenty of street walkerzzz

  3. I can see it in her eyes and her body language , she has a ton of emotions hidden beneath her, but she has found a way to keep them on the side, so not to get hurt by her job, she shows sympathy, but knows that the world is full of monsters too, she knows the difference, and I can tell with the right person she will open up.

  4. Valentina’s mother’s abuse took her confidence away. The older guy who groomed her as a teenager had her attention which I think she needed and was probably looking for some guidance/help. I hope she goes through therapy herself before listening to others. She is currently co-dependent with her mother and maybe her sister … co-dependents worry more about other people than themselves to an extreme. She needs to put her wants and definitely her needs first at this stage in her life. She is beautiful and elegant and deserves so much more than she is allowing herself. May God bless her and family. ❤️🇨🇦

  5. The big question is does brain chemistry cause the depression or does the hard and difficult life that results in depression affect the brain chemistry!

  6. The thing is the hard “no” for a relationship is the same a high quality man would feel for her. A good man would never have children with her. It’s so ironic how it reciprocates. She for sex only. Imagine being the high quality guy settles with her having the thought that “I am the lucky guy after 500 men have ran through her”. No high quality man will marry that.

  7. "You wouldn't want them as partners?" "God, no. They're disgusting." That pretty much sums up the whole profession. Being a beautiful woman is not all it is cracked up to be.

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