Escorts – SNL

Two escorts (Emily Blunt, Leslie Jones) explain to their clients (Mikey Day, Alex Moffat) what they will and won’t do.

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32 thoughts on “Escorts – SNL”

  1. This is easily the tightest sketch I've seen on SNL in quite some time. The premise was solid but the characters and the writing were incredible, the conclusion was hilarious and felt natural; it didn't feel like they were scrambling for a way to tie everything up at the end (see: the end of the Uncle Meme sketch).

  2. All true kisses 😚 allowed possess devil 😈 own sex escorts and the world 🌍🌍 over god care about people looking for forgiveness but people that don't care he knows about it and let them all to to he so devil 😈 so really god is the definition devil 😈 to maybe 🤔 some Will die for sins I am weakness but my soul saved he forgive but let the devil attack without a help desk I mean in bed sleeping 😴 it happens again and again for years

  3. It’s gonna be like a sneaker in a dryer…. Ka-dunk ka-dunk ka-dunk ka-dunk. 😂. Very innocent but yet sexual joke when you relate it to her body size and his mini body size. 😂
    And I just realized a pair of sneakers does make that sound when drying that big dryer space, just couldn’t put it into a sound until now. 😂

  4. lmao man i love Emily Blunt she is hilarious and she's painfully gorgeous that smile and those eyes oof, she looks amazing in that dress, John Krasinski is a lucky man

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