Free Online Seduction Tips – Sexy Techniques in Seducing a Girl Online!


It’s true that knowing a few online seduction tips can get you a long way, even if you can also do your moves with a girl in person. However, the internet has been a great outlet for most dateless shy guys to find true love at last — or even just a hot date to get busy with for the night. Seducing a girl online is actually pretty easy to do, although it can be a little awkward and a bit daunting at first. But hey — it’s online! There’s no better place to be your absolute best self and still get the girl that you want. So to make it all happen at last, here are a few free online seduction tips you need to make you meet that girl you’ve been looking for!

  • Always feel good about yourself. Believe it or not, it’s evident online. When you’re in a foul mood, it will reflect with how you introduce yourself (although it can be a pretty interesting to talk about with someone, just not on the first meeting). You need to be in the mood for it — she will definitely tell from the other end of the circuit.
  • Go easy on your first time. Don’t be too smooth or too cocky when you just met this amazing girl who seemed to be up for anything, whatever it is. Be friendly, nice to talk to and a good listener — all good things which is expected. Don’t be a pervert — but a few pick-up lines can add spice to make you both goof around. 
  • Keep your conversations interesting. Ask her questions — just like in a normal date. Get to know her better by asking her about her likes and dislikes, her hobbies and interests and all that other stuff — make sure you share yours too. Make use of follow-up questions to keep her fascinated.
  • Don’t reveal too much right away. Always keep that air of mystery within you. Don’t go marketing yourself like an ad for a male escort or something. Keep her curiosity level high and always make sure not too reveal too much right away — the goal here is to keep her coming for more of you.
  • Let her know you’re willing to meet-up. Don’t just let both your world revolve around the internet — look forward into actually meeting up in person! Technically, that’s why you went online in the first place — to meet someone for a possible romantic relationship. So go ahead and ask her out when you think the time is right. You’ll never regret it.

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