Girls Night Out in Las Vegas – Cosmopolitan – Barbershop Speakeasy -Chandelier Bar – Marquee

In this week’s episode of Famous Mom, (I got a new opener so you all can get to know my story a little better!)

Now onto the FUN!… In this week’s episode, my best friend and business partner Nycki comes to Vegas to celebrate a girls night out. Nycki comes to my house way earlier than anticipated and we have a full day of Vegas things!

We have lunch in Downtown Vegas and we walk through Freemont Street, leaving us very little time to get ready for the night. I got ready so fast, I forgot to blend my makeup! Lol.

Our evening begins with a limousine ride to pick up some more friends. On the way, I do just a tad bit of work.

When we arrive at The Cosmopolitan Nycki wants to check out the secret speakeasy inside The Barbershop! I had no idea it was in there, right through the broom closet… Shhh, don’t tell!

After an amazing show, we leave to head up to The Chandelier (Or Chandelier bar, as us locals call it.) We have some snacks and drinks and then take a ride up the glass elevator to head into Marquee Nightclub as VIP!

I wish that I still loved clubs, it got a little intense for me and I had to plan a quick escape. Check out where I end up! (Hint! The new Resort World!) And don’t forget to watch until the end to see a little bum!

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