Gul Bahar: A Day in the Life of an Afghan Schoolgirl

Gul Bahar, an 8th-grader in Afghanistan’s remote & starkly beautiful Wakhan Corridor, is determined to get an education. Although the closest school is miles from her home, she eagerly dons her uniform & only pair of shoes each morning to make the 90-minute trek to school.

Join Gul Bahar as she rises before dawn to do her chores, walks to school with her classmates, cooks with her mother, & does her homework. See for yourself how CAI is making a difference for children & their families in one of the Last Best Places.

Central Asia Institute promotes community empowerment and inspires hope in remote mountain villages of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
Central Asia Institute: or 406.585.7841

Educate a Girl. Change the World.

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