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I’ve got a confession to make to you… Sometimes I almost feel embarrassed to make it, but you’ll get to hear this. I’ve actually read every single book ever written or breaching the subject of picking up girls. I’ve actually gone months on end where I did nothing but read materials on the subject from dusk till dawn. I’ve long overcome that theoretical phase and have mastered the art in the real world.

Looking back, I now have the opportunity to know which book was right, and which was bunk, and I have to say Leil Lowndes “Undercover Sex Signals” is one of the best books on the subject. And I’ve only understood this looking back from this perspective that I have today, after I’ve tried, mastered and overcome every method, strategy and way of picking up girls.

What Leil says is what most girls will agree with, but most so called “pick up gurus” will disagree with. She actually uses the ockham’s razor and brings it down to the number one secret that separates guys who are successful at picking up girls, and those who aren’t. I was in denial about this for many years, heck, most guys who make money teaching about this stuff are still in denial… and they won’t accept the secret.

Can you guess what the secret is? The title of her book somewhat hints at it. Let me give you another hint… The 80/20 principle. Ever heard of that one? It states that in any area, skill or art there is one single factor that brings 80-90% of the results, and the other 80-90 factors only bring in 10-20% of the results. Well, this one thing that Leil Lowndes talks about, this secret is the ONE thing that brings the 80-90% of the results. Most guys out there teaching about picking up girls are focusing on the tiny details that only brings in 10% of the results, this includes: what to say, when to say it, how to respond to things, when and how to get her number, how to dress, how to overcome challenges, how to escalate the interaction further, when to call and how, when to text and strategies on how to text… Heck, there’s entire encyclopedias, and they all just account for 10% of the results.

Let me finally reveal the secret that brings 90% of the results before your head explodes… The number one factor that determines where you pick up a girl successfully or not is if she is interested. And guess what, she’s already made that decision before you’ve even said a word! This hits the male ego in many ways, and many men are in denial about this, trying to change it. Some guys invent super-intricate systems and ways to get a woman attracted to you. Heck, I was one of these guys, I spent years in that industry. Some guys spent 20-30 years involved in those methods. Guess what they have after 20 years of trying to deny the truth that Leil speaks? They approach about 20-30 random girls to pick up one girl!

Guess what the results ratio is for guys who follow Leil’s strategy? Most guys who are naturally good with women have this ratio… About 80-90% success rate! What’s the difference? These naturals apply what Leil talks about, they walk into a room and read which women are looking to be picked up, and then read which girl would like to be picked up by them. By the time they’ve said hello, its really a formality. Unless you’re a complete mismatch or say the ultimate wrong thing, you’re ending up with her still! If you made the right selection, it doesn’t matter what you say or do.

And what Leil teaches you is these skills of reading “undercover sex signals”, being able to read which women are waiting to be picked up by you… And then she gives you a simple guide on how to approach them, and what to say as a basic primer. All in all, this book will save you years of wasted effort trying to “hack the female attraction mechanism” or other such futile attempts by snake-oil-salesmen. Accept the biological reality which is that women choose, and make the best of it.

If you think this is bad news… you’re wrong! This doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to reach your goal of going out and picking up a different girl each night. The good news is there are a TON of women sending undercover sex signals wherever you go, you just never noticed them before! The even better news is something she doesn’t mean, and I guess this is a kind of the only critique on her book… You can increase the amount of women giving you undercover signals! This is not a biologically set amount, in fact, just by the way you dress, act, walk and talk to other people, you can increase the amount of women wanting to meet you by unseen amounts. These days when me and my friends walk into a club, or just take a stroll down the streets, most female (and male) heads turn and stare. Everyone is thinking “who are these guys, are they some celebrities, do I know them from somewhere?”. And all we’ve done is change how we dress, how we walk and how we appear to others. This is why I’ve dedicated my blog to what Leil misses, or rather assumes. She assumes that your attractiveness is set where its at, and you just have to accept the reality, which is that women choose, and you just need to go and deliver yourself to the women who’ve chosen you. But what I have discovered and teach on my blog here is that you drastically change how many women choose you.


Source by Damian DeMarko

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