How I Make $500k A Year As A Sex Worker | Truth Told | Refinery29

This week on Truth Told, we debunk the stigma surrounding sex workers. This work has long been criminalized putting the individuals in the field at risk. Watch this video to better understand what it means to be a sex worker.

Truth Told is an educational and investigative series designed to overcome the misinformation surrounding present day social issues. Our hosts delve into facts through interacting with the individuals on the street who are taking a stance on the matter and consulting with the experts in the field.

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23 thoughts on “How I Make $500k A Year As A Sex Worker | Truth Told | Refinery29”

  1. If you and your customer are doing is consentually, Then it's nobodies business, Including the law. Simple as that.

    It only becomes someone elses business, When the prostitute, Or customer, Are being force to do it against their wishes.

  2. Sex workers? Umm no, anyone selling access to their body for money, even if it’s only visually, is prostitution…harlotry. Euphemisms are just another form of denial, and don’t help anyone.

  3. Ironic that "sex workers" ignore marriage. Husbands exist to protect and provide for wives, both get the regular sexual intercourse that stabilizes life so the man can concentrate on providing for his family and the woman isn't selling her body to anyone on the streets. These girls are attractive but for some reason don't look to their future when they will only be attractive to their husbands and, if so blessed, to their children.

  4. The women who ply this trade in Ottawa are very expensive. I don’t know about streetwalkers in the Market but the ones who have websites charge upwards of $600 per hour. They also want money and gifts for nothing over more deserving individuals such as the poor. I find it difficult to show compassion to entitled women who deep down have a dislike of men even if he’s a submissive simp. A lot of sex workers suffer from severe mental health issues and I feel they can’t be trusted.

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