How to Get a Girls Number – Easily Get the Digits!


When you want to approach a girl and be in contact with her it is necessary to get her phone number first. But many guys are in need of good tips which teach how to get a girl’s number. This task is found to be complicated because many guys do not succeed in getting a girl’s number. This happens because girls do not give numbers to everyone.

Girls give numbers only to their friends. So it is necessary to become their friend. When an unknown guy asks a girl’s phone number she will become reluctant. So it is necessary to approach them the right way. First a guy should get the friendship of the girl. This can be achieved by earning a good image in front of her. Gradually you can become her friend. After this the job is easy.

Some girls like eye contact. You can give an adoring look whenever you speak with her. This will also pursue her to give her phone number. Your smile will also help you to get a good impression as girls like happy faces. Your sense of humor will also play a leading role in pursuing a girl to give her number.

There are some guys who do a certain mistakes in getting a girls number. They get her number without her knowledge with the help of friends. They start messaging them or calling them like an unknown person.

This will surely irritate girls and makes it difficult to get a good impression again. So care should be taken so as to avoid this kind of misunderstandings. Though you know her number it is necessary to approach them and get the number. This will really create a good impression.

The task will not end once you get her phone number. She may expect a lot from you if she starts liking you. You should be in a position to satisfy all her wishes.


Source by Simon Kendal

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