How to Impress a Hot Ebony Girl – 2 Secret Tips That You Were Never Told!


OK, so you are here to work out how to impress a hot ebony girl. Well that is great because I have two secret tips that will help you achieve just that.

So what are the challenges you face when you try to attract a girl? What are the number one issues that stop you trying to talk to a girl?

Well, obviously there is no way I can know for definite. However based on my experiences I am very confident that I know at least 2 of your problems. Number one, in my opinion, is your lack of confidence. Secondly it is your approach.

Would you agree with me? If you do then you will enjoy what I have in store for you. Here are my 2 secret tips to help you understand how to impress a hot ebony girl:

1) Go For The Best – One of the mistakes many guys make is they set their goals too low. They get rejected by a few ladies and they loose belief in them self. I do not want that to happen to you. So instead of settling for a 6 out of 10, I want you to go for at least an eight!

The tactic is to treat this hot ebony girl the same as any other. Do not give her special treatment and make her feel she has you wrapped around her finger. You know why? She will love a challenge and by following what I just said will impress her!

2) Just Dance! – This will be one of the most intimidating things to execute. I know this because most people think, I can not dance! Well I am aware of that, but the point is you need to. You see it is not how you dance, it is your attitude, are you with me?

Assuming you are out in a club, and you want to impress, grab her hand and take her on to the dance floor. Get up close and confident and watch her melt in your arms!


Source by Linda Hilton

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