How To Increase Your Charisma And Destroy Approach Anxiety


Most people get nervous when approaching a woman. That’s natural. But what if it could be easy? What if you could approach her and not only feel completely relaxed and confident, thereby increasing your chances significantly, but not really care one way or the other if she “accepted” or “rejected” you?

After all, that is the biggest source of anxiety. You’d go up to her, spit out your best line, and she laughs in your face on front of all her friends, and yours. In your worst nightmare of your imagination, it would ruin you for life.

Of course, that’s not likely to happen. You know this logically, but still it’s easy to feel anxious when your mind jumps to all the potential outcomes. What should you do?

Here’s what.

Appreciate yourself, appreciate her, and appreciate the interaction. I know, sounds a little bit out there. And this is something that does take some practice.

But you’ll find it’s the singular most helpful thing that will significantly and permanently super charge your ability to walk up to any woman you fancy and start talking to her.

What’s more, you honestly won’t really be concerned how the interaction will come out. That means you’ll be much more real, much more genuine, and much more attractive. Paradoxically, not caring how things will turn out is the best way to increase your chances of success.

So how do you practice this? First, learn to appreciate yourself. Just feel whatever feelings you’re feeling right now. Take away any labels for those feelings. Just feel, and appreciate the energy in those feelings.

That’s step one. You can practice this anywhere, any time.

Next is to appreciate her. You can do this without talking to her. Just find a girl you think is cute. Look at her. Enjoying looking at her. Appreciate her. Forget about wondering whether or not she is this way that way. Just appreciate her.

That’s step two. You can practice this anytime you’re anywhere out in public.

Step three is to start interacting with girls, and focus on appreciating the interaction. Forget about worrying how it’s going to come out. Get your mind out of the future, and focus on the present. Start by walking around and smiling at girls. Just appreciate them, and show them through your eye contact and facial expressions that you appreciate them.

Then simply appreciate whatever response you get. Once you get to this level, your natural human desires will take over.

Then life will be amazing.


Source by George Hutton

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