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  1. No chance this video was going to get monetized — if you enjoyed it though, please consider subscribing! Thanks for watching!

    Also please note — I made a mistake in the video: at 11:08 when I say "You should break up" it should be "Cut off his d***". If you don't speak Japanese, it's probably kinda funny to imagine how those statements could be confused.

  2. 8:28 to be fair women probably don't even know what 6 inches really looks like either because men around the world have been rounding up or straight up lying. I guess you can even convince them about hardness too.

  3. Girls channel(or garuchan) is mostly made up with women between the ages 30-50 and are quite right wing. Its origin came from a forum on 2chan were housewives complain about their everyday life.

  4. Speaks for the Japanese government that they at least had the balls and brains to want to test this crappy vaccine before fucking up their people. Now we have a higher number of deaths. Not during or due to Covid but now due to massive issues with this crap.

  5. Yes, women also believe the softness thing, because IT IS TRUE. I can tell you as a woman, from my own experience, that in general, bigger = softer. Of course it depends on the person, but in general, bigger = softer. Just like something like "Asian men have smaller d****s is also a generalization. You can brush it off and laugh about it, but it doesn't change the fact that it is true. Saying women's true opinion and feeling about White men (or virtually anything about White men) is an "inferiority complex" is both pathetic and hilarious. I hope you realize that.

  6. wtf?! why do these women have experiences with westerners with soft peens?? it’s not ever been my experience. i would theorize though, that larger peens require more blood in order to maintain an erection. small pp’s might get so rigidly hard because there’s much less blood flow necessary.
    i should go to japan. i am attracted to japanese women. ive dated a few in the USA. i have an exceptionally large peen (believe it or not) and i love to cook breakfast for my lovers the morning afterwards. 🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅. gonna get a japanese visa so i can go punch some kawaii-waifu guts.

  7. Japanese guys talk about dicks, boobs and vagina all the time whether if you're foreigner or not, it's true some guys are insecure and would want to have some sort of 'superiority' despite their 'disadvantages'(this includes height), but that's the case for all races throughout the world…

    As for comparing Japanese with Chinese? The culture is so fucking different, just because you've never been asked by any Chinese about your dick length doesn't mean they don't think about it(I'm Chinese if you're wondering), every guy thinks about it at some point(be it just curiosity or insecurity) including you, just like how you tried so hard to make it a thing when it's nothing in the video, like whocares, all that matters is the woman you are with likes it, everyone's different and there are all kinds of stupid stereotypes for all races, like Africans run fast, westerners can't jump, Indians good at maths, but you know that's bs, you get the idea.

  8. Back in Europe nobody ever said anything about my breath, but my gf here in Japan always told me it was awful. I managed to fix it by getting one of those tongue scraper things and cleaning my tongue with that, but even so after a day it comes back. Asked my family and friends back home if they ever noticed it and they said no. Really curious if it's just the stress of moving that got the ball rolling, or if toothpaste here is weak or what. I'd never heard about girls here having bad breath and personally assumed standards here were simply higher, similar to other body odours.

  9. There's no way in hell japanese girls talks like that and then starts arguing how japanese men have smaller but harder dicks.. I don't believe it for a second lol. This is 100% a bunch of dudes having the typical ego boosting circlejerk discussions. "S-sure we're smaller, but much harder!".

    Japanese guys being obsessed with dick sizes is true though, I went out to drink almost daily when I was in Tokyo and maybe 30-40% of times some random drunk guy asked me about the size, literally having a normal fun drunk discussion and boom, dick size question. I love Japan but some things in their society is just so damn weird.

  10. "one reason the Allies were victorious in World War II was that it was easy to spot hidden Japanese troops simply by searching for extra-high piles of human dung." 8:39
    That shit was so funny to me. Who comes up with something like this lmao

  11. I had noticed the blood typing of fictional characters, but didn't realize the significance of it. I thought the authors were just really caught in their world-building. And I don't believe I've ever called a woman "baby" — "babe", yes, but never "baby".

  12. GAH,the pp thing!
    I get asked about my size by a not so few amount of people i get along with (a few from people who're basically strangers even) just cause of my mixed heritage. (sadly,me being mixed also means i'm not qualified to join the elite superior race)
    I'm half japanese and have a shorter height than most ffs

  13. What the last girl failed to mention was that she stopped wanting to have sex with her husband.

    Refusing sex on a regular is akin to cheating. Marriage is a contract that binds you to ONE sex partner. Denying sex while simultaneously getting angry that her husband seeks it elsewhere is a load of ish.

  14. I love how for the image you show at 3:58, I am the mostly the opposite of what my blood type should be. I guess it's their version of horoscope and it seems just as accurate and legit haha

  15. Idk i saw some thread on a website where girls (foreigners) were talking about japanese guys and they have this stereotype that japanese guys are perverted and not as respectful to women as men in their country (i wouldn't mention it) are and they were also saying stuff like they don't have etiquettes and they have orthorox patricachal society i mean asia in general is more patriachal than west but according to those girls they don't treat women well basically they were just comparing and saying how they wish anime guys actually existed lol altho i dont buy all of it so yeah those are just stereotypes i read about Japanese guys i dont know how much of it is true and what to believe

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