Instagram Girl

The feel good story of girl likes boy, but is reluctant to tell him in person how she feels. When she’s on Instagram, she can really let him know her innermost feelings. Watch the story play out online until the conclusion where girl gets boy in the end.

Published on Nov 13, 2013

The debut single from McKinney, Texas artist Paris DuPre – “Instagram Girl” #instagramgirl

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When I see you in class
we never talk when we pass
but in my Instagram world
I am your Instagram girl

When I post selfies on my profile
I’m always thinking just of you
Your smiley face emoji comment
let’s me know that you’re true blue.

TBH I really like you, uh huh uh huh
hash tag young love there’s no filter when it’s you I’m thinking of

repeat chorus

I’m gonna spam you with likes
so that you’ll finally see
that your number one follower
is ooh la la paris

I wish that I had the courage
to tell you in P.E.
the things that I can say
when I’m on I G

TBH I really like you, uh huh, uh huh
hash tag young love
there’s no filter when it’s you I’m thinking of

repeat chorus

Rate – BMS
Date? Yes!
Hate – Never Ever
OMG Did I just say that?!

TBH I really like you, uh huh, uh huh
hash tag young love
there’s no filter when it’s you I’m thinking of

repeat chorus

I really really like you, uh huh
hash tag young love
there’s no filter when it’s you I’m thinking of

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Artist Bio: Paris DuPre is 13 and a 8th grade student. She has been singing and performing in plays since she was 7. She has been in private voice lessons since she was 10 and also takes guitar and piano lessons, as well as tap, ballet and jazz classes. She loves musical theater and was a member of a song and dance troupe for 2 years in St. Petersburg, FL, called “Pizazz.” She has won numerous singing awards including a national contest, “Land o’Frost Be a Star on Broadway.” Paris is part of a singing act, “The DuPre Sisters,” in which her sister, Natalie, performs with her. They won a local contest, “The McKinney Mash Up,” and were awarded $1,000 and opened for the country group, “Steel Magnolia.” Paris enjoys volunteering her time to sing at assisted living homes and has a soft spot in her heart for the elderly.

Song credits:
– Music: Yancey Stevens & Paris DuPre
– Lyrics: Ramona DuPre & Paris DuPre

Recording credits:
– producer: Matt Aslanian
– engineer: Matt Aslanian

Instagram Girl cast list

Featuring: Paris DuPre as herself

Micah Leightner as Jake Ryan

Kevin Kennedy as Teacher #1

Angie Kennedy as Teacher #2

Extras in alphabetical order:

Reeves Abbott
Landry Argabright
Hannah DuPre
Jake DuPre
John Luke DuPre
Natalie DuPre
Chris Durbin
Hannah Durbin
Matt Gadek
Isabel Galvan
Wilson Galvan
Isabel “Izzie” Jones
Sydney Kennedy
Madisyn Kile
Brody MacDonald
Annette O’Dell
Emory Otto
Hale Otto
Daisy Ruiz
Reese Spencer
Rylee Spencer
Zoe Zimmerman

Additional extras in dance number:

Alexis DuPre
Dan Leightner
Susie Leightner
Laura Otto
Macey Prince
James Runge
Jack Spencer

Thank You
THANK YOU to the following people:

Summer Burson
Vannessa Burson
Jean Ann Collins
Stefanie René
Joseph Jones
Gail Nogle
Kevin and Angie Kennedy
Dan and Susie Leightner
Laura Otto
Rebecca Runge
Rhonda Spencer
Amelie Stevens
Melody Stevens
Breanna Stricklin

THANK YOU to McKinney Christian Academy and Princeton High School for the use of their facilities.


Matt Aslanian – Amazingly talented sound engineer who produced soundtrack for “Instagram Girl” and Perry Neal at The Track Studio in Plano, TX – Top-notch recording studio where “Instagram Girl” was recorded

Shaun Colón at Dang Studios – Awesomely creative website creator and social marketing manager for “Instagram Girl”

Jimmy and Janet Langkop – Paris’ biggest fans and supporters serving as personal photographers, wardrobe specialists, nutritional counselors, marketing strategists, promoters, advisors, and all-around AWESOME friends! Thanks for being our “go-to” couple for everything!

Yancey Stevens – Paris’ awesome guitar teacher and creator of the chord progression for “Instagram Girl” – Thank you for the fantastic job you did bringing our lyrics and melody to life!

Chris McClintock at True Image Productions in Princeton, TX
You went above and beyond the call of duty! You put in countless hours to film and edit “Instagram Girl” and were always so patient and accommodating with all of our requests! Thank you for bringing our vision for the video to fruition!

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