11 thoughts on “Interview With a Sex Worker”

  1. I really liked this video! Caz's responses were really considered and it was an interesting interview. I did feel like Alex talked over Caz a little, and presupposed some of her answers without giving her chance to answer properly. Otherwise a really fun, interesting, and insightful. Hope to see more like this!

  2. THIS IS GREAT! I love this. I hate how being a sex worker is still such a taboo topic. Obviously as you said there are a lot of problems in the industry, but strong women like Caz taking charge of their sexuality and doing this by choice is genuinely amazing.

    (Also how does one become a phone sex operator…. asking for a friend……….)

  3. I love your fashion, I have a hat like yours, did you get it from afflecks and I also like your necklace and I liked the checker board hoodie you wore in another video and you just look cool.

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