Man uses martial arts to thwart attempted kidnapping in NYC park

A good Samaritan used martial arts to stop an attempted kidnapping at Madison Square Park this month.

Brian Kemsley, 33, was in the right place at the right time to interfere in the crime around 3 p.m. Nov. 9.

“I saw this man playing tug of war with a baby stroller, telling everyone it was his baby,” Kemsley said.

He was in the park with his girlfriend and stood back as others tried to pry the man from the stroller.

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37 thoughts on “Man uses martial arts to thwart attempted kidnapping in NYC park”

  1. She should have never left so police can take the report amdnarrest him.for attempted kidnapping. If you listen to the video, it said the man was taken to the hospital but nothing on his being arrested.

  2. I'm a New Yorker living in Florida the truth is in New York people mind their business or they'll just record the incident. People walk away rather than help because they don't wanna be part of anything that involves cops. I'm glad these people did the right thing even tho it's dangerous.

  3. From the Brazilian jiu jitsu community, we would like to acknowledge this gentleman for using the least amount of force necessary to contain the situation until the property authority is arrived

  4. Lucky that there were also…a bunch of other men there too that could have EASILY dog piled the assailant.

    I WISH I could have seen if it were a ONE on ONE situation.

    It’s “easier” to jump in when others are helping

    This is from a 15 year jiu jitsu practitioner

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