Metro Police Raid Businesses Amid Prostitution, Human Trafficking Investigation

Police have raided at least three Nashville businesses amid an investigation into prostitution and human trafficking.


34 thoughts on “Metro Police Raid Businesses Amid Prostitution, Human Trafficking Investigation”

  1. Tomorrow I am going to one Chinese place for $40 get my happy ending with a nice Korean chick for 1 hour of fun no stringcattached and she has my number to come to my place

  2. I am not bothered by prostitution, but human trafficking implies that the women had been forced into it or were doing it involuntarily and that should be criminal. On the other hand, a lot of social problems would be solved if voluntary prostitution were legalized and regulated.

  3. Prostitution legal in Nevada we are not the United States we are states divided by lines and rules and hypocritical leaders suck my ass wasting real resources just make it legal and worry about killers and narcotic dealers

  4. Legalize it! This will help save so many lives and be a great benefit for all parties involved. Regulate the health and wellness while reducing illegal activities and collect taxes. Win win win

  5. Why is there so much prostitution? There are so many whores in society today that you can find it for free with little effort! Just go o.k.on Tinder and pluck any tinderella and 9 out of 10 chance she'll give it up for free the same night! Why are people paying for it?

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