MUDIVAI THAEDUM MUTTRUPPULLI (A FullStop That Searches For It’s End)

Mudivai Thaedum Muttrupulli

Director: Vivek Vishwanathan
Director of Photography: Udit Khurana
Editor: Surya Narayana
Sound Designer: Keerthana Murali
Music Director: Prashanth Vihari
Writers: Shyam Sunder and Vinayak Guhanarayan

Mudivai Thaedum Muttrupulli (MTM) has won in the ‘Best Narrative Indian Short’ category at the 6th KASHISH International Queer Festival, Mumbai, 2015, has been screened at the Chennai Rainbow Film Festival, 2015, at the Q! Film Festival, Indonesia, 2015, at the ‘Prague Indian Film Festival’, October, 2015, Media Film Festival, Pennsylvania, April 2016 and at the AKS Festival, Lahore, April 2016.

Director’s Note about the film:
Mudivai Thaedum Muttrupulli, written by Vinayak Guhanarayan and Shyam Sunder, tries to show the thin line that exists between friendship, love and companionship and how one of these can be over-looked despite knowing someone so well. It is the story of two best friends-Seshadri and Krishnan, who have been childhood friends; and how Sesh reminisces the memories with Krishnan, when he thinks about it after his death. Sesh on hearing of Krishnan’s death from his son, goes in search of finding an answer as to why Krishnan might have left him earlier by looking down memory lanes, and comes to realize that Krishnan had feelings for him and couldn’t take it further after Venugopal was born. This is his story to find closure.

Though not from the community, through this film I have tried to show how difficult it would have been for a guy to express his love to his guy best friend, trying to culturally put myself in that period. It has been culturally placed in the Tamil Brahmin culture of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I tried to wonder how this situation would have been like for a guy liking a guy back in the days, when even unmarried heterosexual relationships were frowned upon. Homosexuality is still looked down upon in todays modern world, giving homosexuals terms like abnormal; so how difficult would it have been 50 years ago to express to a loved one about your feelings, who is of the same sex and also one’s best friend, is what I have tried to show.

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