“My Life, Up ’til Now” No bells. No whistles. No stars. Just me, family & friends…

“My Life, Up ’til Now” (57 years in 14 minutes)
No bells. No whistles. No stars. Just me, family & friends…If I forgot you, I didn’t, I remember everything & everyone, but I can only use the photos that I find. I love you ALL!
Coming to America, growing up, girls, first loves, the best of friends, girls, Rock-n-Roll & girls, traveling, partying, Happiness & sorrows, my wife of 14 years & of course the reason I’m here on Earth, “Shandi” (& hope).
3-time graduations, 4-times Best Man. From 1961 to Now…
I left out A LOT & may have forgot some or have no pics or just plain can’t find them & I purposely left out my “famous” friends not to distract…It’s just a rough draft mini-bio. I tried to get it in 1 song…it took 4. God I’m old. Each song has “roughly” become a decade (or “change” in location.)
1) “The Ecstasy of Gold” or as I call it “L’estasi dell’oro” by Ennio Morricone. This piece covers my 60’s & 70’s in Germany, Massachusetts & Tennessee ’til high school graduation…
2) “It Was A Very Good Year” by Frank Sinatra starts the 80’s & covers college & band years through Georgia, Florida & Tennessee
3) “Superstar” by The Carpenters covers pretty much the 90’s from another college degree & Rock-n-Roll from Georgia to L.A. to Tn. to L.A to Tn….&…
4) ‘You Only Live Twice” by Nancy Sinatra covers the new century (so far) with my wife & Shandi with the memory of Cheyenne…from Tn. to Vegas to L.A. back to Tn. & finally back in Vegas.
When you’re bored & bursting with creativity, you do stuff like this…I look back & see how much I’ve changed as the mid-80’s me & the now me are total opposite me’s, lol. But I am grateful to be alive from the roads of the relentless parties. It’s not to say I don’t miss the hell out of the past as the tears roll over the smiles when I watch, but when the 21st century hit, it was time to grow up & be with reality…a place I tried to avoid for years. 😉

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