Off-duty NYPD officer dies after being shot during attempted robbery

The body of NYPD Officer Adeed Fayaz was transferred from Brookdale Hospital to the medical examiner on Tuesday night.
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40 thoughts on “Off-duty NYPD officer dies after being shot during attempted robbery”

  1. Don't expect response from Beijing Biden's administration, to the socialist Leftist democratic regime unless you are corrupt like Biden's FBI and DOJ don't expect justice

  2. Natural disasters are something we can’t control ; But the crime is controllable if the system controls it , there needs to be more control on the criminals out there ; So sad ; This should have never happened.

  3. It’s very sad news that a police officer was shot on the head during robbery. My condolences to the family and friends! Allah SWT grant Jennah to the deceased and patience to the family and friends.

  4. If they always acted correct and didn't abuse the power given to them this would happen less.
    Sorry for his death though.
    There is too much violence in this world today.

  5. Without the help of Police Officers the bad guys will eat you up. Didn't N.Y. scream about shutting down the police? They shouted "defund" and now there is no respect. Never thought I would see the day Police were shot at in this way. Or has the "woke" lost their minds.

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