Pakistan: American vlogger gang-raped by two in Punjab province | Oneindia News *News

A day after a burqa-clad woman was groped by an unidentified man in Pakistan’s Islamabad, a 21-year-old American woman was allegedly gang-raped by her “guide” and his accomplice in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

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22 thoughts on “Pakistan: American vlogger gang-raped by two in Punjab province | Oneindia News *News”

  1. Psychology of rapist according to research by Dr Samuel in 1980s .
    1. Empathyless towards victim
    2. Narcissism
    3. Hostile overview towards women (thinks that women have come on earth for no purpose other than to satisfy men's sexual desires)
    4. Toxic masculinity (thinks that he has freedom to do anything on earth because he is man)

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