Pakistan for women, by women | Part 2: Ghizer & Astore

Why yes, women can travel in Pakistan! Part two of that time two female travelers—one foreigner, one Pakistani—teamed up to create something new: a unique Pakistan tour for women. This time: motorbiking into the mountains, homestays with local families, and a frosty trek of doom at the foot of one of Pakistan’s tallest mountains.

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Rabab by students of the Leif Ericsson Music school in Altit, Hunza


31 thoughts on “Pakistan for women, by women | Part 2: Ghizer & Astore”

  1. Your video that I want to see over and over again… This is your video that brought happiness to my lonely heart. Memories of those shining like dew on a leaf of grass shimmer. Memories of the past when I was flying like a butterfly in the clouds of the sky that followed the rainbow come to mind. I came across a video of you that I accidentally met while trying to play the guitar and harmonica. Thank you for reminding me of the white dream that bloomed along my heart. I think I'm obsessed with the algorithm. The quality is good and the best. Thank you for the universe-like algorithm that made it possible to watch good videos. I have no doubt that you will do well. Thank you for making it such a happy time. I was amazed at the excellence of your skills. I would like to tell you that it is a very strange and attractive quality where you can clearly feel the colors of your videos. I would like to give you my sincere praise and support with all my heart and sincerity. Your video is truly a gift from God. Another day begins, and another blue morning begins here on the beach. I still don't know what I am living with in my memories that repeat day by day. The blue morning of the autumn beach, where the blue waves dance sadly and the water birds fly by, pass by like that… Memories of the past when I was walking on the white sand are washed away by the waves… Just as the YouTube algorithm introduced. As I looked down, the first picture suddenly caught my eye, and when I looked up again, it was your video. Thanks to watching your video, it revolves around me with beautiful and good energy.

  2. Alex, this is so great. I am so glad you are taking time to put out these videos. I literally cried out of a strange feeling of happiness and nostalgia (if it makes sense) when the little girl took over as your photographer for the day, there was something so familiar about the family and I thought about all the political differences we have. It is my culture I no longer have access to and it really sucks.

    The headdress in Astore looked really nice! and that bit about nonchalantly driving off as men watched cracked me up. Kudos to you for taking up this journey. And thank you for sharing, this was some experience!

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