Pakistani Girl Takes Me to a Long Lost Hindu Temple (Ep. 1 #Mirpur)

I make friends with Adeela from Mirpur and we go to find an old Hindu temple hidden inside Ramkot Fort on the huge Mangla Dam.

Mangla Dam (मंगला बांध, منگلا بند‎) is the sixth-largest dam in the world. In the 60s it was the site of many villages, but locals were moved out to make way for the dam. During that time, the Government of Pakistan had an agreement with England where Mirpuris could go and work in British factories. Many took this option, and now there are around 700,000 Mirpuris in England. Those who stayed now live in New Mirpur City (मीरपुर सिटी, میرپورسٹی).‎

Mangla Dam was designed to increase the amount of water that could be used for irrigation from the flow of the Jhelum. Its secondary function was to generate electrical power from the irrigation releases at the artificial head of the reservoir. The dam also works as a flood control structure by retaining water during the flood-prone season of Monsoon.

Please leave Adeela some love on her channel @adeelasfooddiary131 (अदीला की फ़ूड डायरी / عدیلہ کی فوڈ ڈائری)

Episode 2: Visiting a Sunken Hindu Temple with Pakistani Girl

If you’re looking to go to the Mangla Water Resort, the Google Maps location is Private boats cost Rs. 5000 PKR and Fort entry is Rs. 200 PKR.

For more information about Mirpur, see my blog “7 Amazing Places to Visit in Mirpur”

00:00 Welcome to Mirpur
01:28 Meeting Adeela
02:07 Boating on Mangla Dam to Ramkot Fort
03:17 The water here comes from the Jhelum!
04:42 Tour of Ramkot Fort
06:40 Meet Adeela Noor
07:23 Why is Adeela interested in India?
08:37 A butterfly lands on my head!
09:41 Finding a Lord Shiva Temple at Ramkot Fort


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30 thoughts on “Pakistani Girl Takes Me to a Long Lost Hindu Temple (Ep. 1 #Mirpur)”

  1. My grandparents lived in Mirpur. They were famous doctors.
    My Mama and Nana refused to leave Mirpur but were killed. My mother used to recollect many stories used to become very emotional but as a child I could not appreciate or understand. Even we used to remark why you remember Mirpur.
    Now at this age I regret not rembering her stories

  2. We hindu don't hate muslim. We're just scare of you muslim, Islam and Quran and sunnah of nabee Muhammad. Please read first more about Islam and character of Muhammad instead of teaching humanity to Hindus. 🙏🙏

  3. I’m an Indian Punjabi and I live in Canada. I’m in love with a Pashtun girl who lives in Peshawar. She hasn’t said 'yes' to my proposal yet but we both like each other. I just want to marry her. ❤

  4. im in pakistan right now watching your videos and its actually so lovely to see what the locals have to say about their neighbouring country, they all share the same views as Adeela. its absolutely amazing

  5. Why your forefathers fought….Why Indian Pakistan got separated….Why we took independence from british…Why Hindutva are fighting to recapture Pakistan till afghanistan….to make all land hindutva land…Why 1965 war…Why 1975 War….Why this girls's parents had sex and why she was born…why why why….hahahhaha silly girl knows nothing….we are not same…we are hindus and muslims which hindutva will never accept….silly girl that's why all these wars happening….and the last and final war…ghazwa e hind will start soon….which answers your why why why….wait

  6. I disagree about the united India and Pak and the people being the same. For the majority, we are not the same. Only the Punjabis and Sindhis share culture with people across the border and the Muhajirs and their descendants. We Baloch, the Pakhtoons and the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir share nothing with Indians. We do not have the same blood and we were never one.

    An Empire controlling a region doesn't mean the people are the same or they share something, if that was the case all North Africans and most European are the same people because they were controlled by the Romans and then some other empires after too.

  7. These two religions are so much hypocritical. If there is love then where are 20% hindus vanished. The fact is that since centuries these two religions have spread secularism or hatred two fulfill their own agendas shame

  8. Adeela in delusional mode so I given u facts Its never Important what we were in Past Our ancestors r embracing Islam In Present we r Muslim & future we r Muslim Alhmdulilah So We Known by Islam
    Before advent of Islam everyone from different religions But now We r Muslim
    We never ever be Same Pakistan & India had some similarities Even Pakistan had 4 Provinces Punjab, Sindh, KpK & Baluchistan
    Also 2 free autonomous area AJK & Gilgit baltistan.
    2 provinces KpK & Balochistan r very very different from So called India also in Our Pakistani side Punjabi & Sindhi r lot of differences with ur side 2 main caste of Pakistani Punjabi population r Warraich & Mehr(Arain) while Indian punjab these 2 cast r not existed, Indian Punjab become only 2% of their country population while in Pakistan they r 60%,Pakistani Punjabi language r more rich due to the lot of Punjabi Sufi Poet did Poetry in Punjabi Shahmuki while Indian Punjabi r not very rich because Indian Punjabi written in gormukhi also Even Punjab's own rich tradition & culture heritage which r not Same with whole India also Southern Punjab also quite different Saraiki culture had their own beauty,Our Sindh r also differ Pakistani Sindhi language some r quite different from Indian Sindhi,Sindhi had their traditional heritage of own ajraak,Topi that not existed in Indian Sindhi Also Azad Kashmir AJK, Gilgitbaltistan culture,traditions r also differ from India
    Indian Occupied Kashmir r also differs from India they r closed with
    Pakistani culture than Indians
    Pakistan had Indus Civilization while Indians r belong to GangaJamna u civilization, U & Indian deny that fact that before Islam came into subcontinent there r many religions existed 2 main r Hinduism & Buddhism In Pakistani Side Hindu Raja & Mahraja r also differ in mental,physically,moraly r more better than with from Indian Side Raja or Maraja also almost half Pakistan territory r converted into buddhism Gandhra civilisation many areas of Kashmir,gilgit baltistan,many areas of kpk & Punjab texla Rawalpindi,Jehlum r accepting Buddhism So When Islam r came almost Evey One Embracing Islam in Pakistan this Showed how strong & Beautiful Islam
    Also there were nothing United Hindustan or Barat Existed Every Regions had their own state heads,
    United r formed When warrior King
    ShabuddinGhori captured many Areas of subcontinent Pakistan & India sides so than formed one United Hindustan in Ghori Dynasty.Also
    We wanted a good relation with India as a friend or a neighbour
    Also Indian were not our brother & Sister Ever. Also before Pakistan in British India Muslims Felt they didn't lived happily,independently
    Because at that time lot Hindus leaders r biased narrow-minded so that lot of communal incidents happens before & after partitions
    Now these days u saw whathappen in India minorities Muslims, Christians & Sikhs facing lot of things
    So Muslim league & QuaideAzam r right
    So Correct Ur Facts

  9. Adella is absolutely right, all Pakistan , Bangladesh & Indian Muslims were converted to Islam by forcefully because Arabs or Mughals wants Muslim majority.

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