PaRCha – JNU – General Procedures – 2004 ID-59568

PaRCha - JNU - General Procedures - 2004 ID-59568

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eseams -.
Continuedfrom page I At 13, lrfan found that he .
had lost his grip. (This is .
brother, the big brother will bad news for any bowler. it .
means you crumot control at times impose his will. .
There may be problems. but the position of the seam on (), .
it doesn’t mean that they the ball, and therefore the ~ .
can’t live together. But of extent of swing.) His coach -~A~ .
course. winning helps." at the Baroda Sports Club, .H.~–~ .
And lhen, picking up the Bash!rSheikh. suggested he .
telephone he calls room turn to batting instead (an .
service; "J bad ordered a area of his game that is still .
dCUJl wrka… no it hasn’t full of promise). "But 1just .
come. Can you… please… persisied" he says, and so .
thank you.” It’s past eleven did Bashir Sheikh. .
at night. He’s had a long da~ And now, he’s playing for .
And he’s had impeccable India. His eyesturnmoist as .
‘ t .
manners all hls life -he talks about the man who .
whether \t is to get his coached him through his .
daal tork.a or to change the early teens. "Aaj agar woh .
subject. hote to khusll llo jate." . .
Sheikh has passed away. .
hose who’ve watched Irfan had played about 30 ‘ .
his progress over the first class games till then. -~ .
~\~r· .
last year know that And put in marvellous per· .
you can take lrfan Pathan formances in the under·l9 .. .
out of the Jum.a Masjid (and world cup in Pakistan (a 9 .
make him play for India, for for 16 against Bangladesh .
instance. or endorse Pepsi), including a hat-trick being .
but you cannot take the the high point). But lndian .
masjid out of Irfan Pathan. captain Sourav Ganguly had .
It isn’t just a religious never seen him bowl. "AUS· place for him (though he tralia was the first time I Sending Damian Martyn on his way in Sydney. Irian was fined for the incident. As usual, he would sweep its fioors-and saw him." l!i an wasn’t born says "It won’t happen again" still does -before offering when lndla last won a Test prayers). It’s his home match in Australia (22 years mam regularly visits Hal-muezzin of Juma Masjid. covered all the time) and(though he’s moved).It’sthe ago). Talk about being wind, near Lahore, which is Baroda, with his wife in pur-screaming ”lrfan where he fu-st learned thrown into the deep end. .
Pakistan’s Deoband, if dah, in the VIP enclosure of yaa qurbaan." (Roughly: lr·ro bold a bat and bowl a ball. He didn’t just stay anoat, you will; Saqlain Mushtaq .
the Gaddafi Stadium, cheer· fan Path<~nl am yours). Pak-He and his frlends played he swam as if he lived in the and the now retired Saeed ing theirson on. (Incidental· istan was falling in love around it -ln areas where pool. Pakistani great Wasim Anwar also say they’ve an-ly, lrfan says that his par· with this 19-yeru··old..
you could wear shoes -even Akram saw the potential on swered His call; and the ents’ presence on the field, I ask him n.bout it ..Sahiif tllere were a few protests tap. lrfan saw a chance to .
mark on Fazl·e·Akbar’s "even in school ga.mos" was mein? Were they reallyabout disturbing tlle peace. .
meet his idol in person in forehead is a result of touch· the best form of encourage. shoutitlg ltke that?".
It was these protests tllat Adelaide. "His tips helped lng it to the ground five ment he could get. and they Yes, I say.
eventually led him and h!s me a lot." says hfan. It’s an· times a day. would seldom disappoint For the first time. there’s othel’ matter that Jt got Yet it was lrfan who was him). When Mehboob Khan a hint of mischief about .
Wasim in trouble with the singled out as the "Muslim·s was asked how he felt about him: ..Yaar agar aisa hota to fans back home-just one In· .
Muslim." That he was an ln· hian’s success, he said: "Al-to main sun leta." .
stance of how nationality dian added somewhat to the lah ko gharsaaJ liiya hoz ye Of course he heard. He.
is star .
routinely subverts rational· irony. llalso said something Yeh sab usee kl he dein lzai." was fielding at fme leg, just.
ity when lt comes to India· about India that most Pak· By the end of the trip Pak·.
quality is obvious. in front of the stand that .
P .
Pakistan cricket. !stanis (and a lot of lndians) istan was so ennmom·ed was serenading him.He pulls crowds. suspected was u·ue-give or with Irfan Pathan his aklstan would be his take a few riots-but weren’t bowling, his conduct, and of Success defies gravity: it.
He makes things next stop. He didn’t that comfortable admitting. course, his looks -that the has a tendency to go find a place in the first Irfan’s parents came .
ladies in the stands in straight to the head.happen on the two one-dayers, but at the down to Lahore. There they Rawalpindi were letting For someone who is just 19, cricket end of the tourwhen Sourav were. Mehboob Khan, the their hair down (their heads Irfan seems to tmderstand .
the physics of success ex· ceptl.onally well. "I know that all of this attention a:nd money will be there only as long as I am playing for In· ella. 1 want to keep playing. rve seen many people play one or two or just a few games and fade away. l want to keep playing." .
So far, he’s done all that he can in order to’continue. He went through six-how· training routines in his ear· ly teens. Now, he’s (more than) punctual at practice and absent at parties. He takes as good care of his body as anybody else in the team: "The longer I stay in· the more I’ll play." .
He keeps reminding him· .
self of the basics, he says. .
"Because no matter what .
level you’re playing you .
tend to forget them once in a .
while.’· The rest. he leaves .
up to God. .
It seems simple-minded to .
attribute everything that .
happens to you to a higher .
power. After all. there’s an· .
other lrfan Pathan playing .
for Baroda. This man is also .
a seam bowler. He says he’s .
\’ery commltted and .
dream::; of playing for India. .
He’s a little older(24) and he, .
too. never misses his .
prayers. But this Irfan .
Pathan is a railway reserva· .
tions clerk. practically un· .
known outside Baroda. and .
known in the town as ·Irfan .
Pathan senior”. .
The difference between .
the two hians is simple: one .
is perhaps a little more tal· .
ented than the other. But if .
you argue that talent -and .
whatever it is you want to do .
with it is also God’s .
gift, then that’s the end of .
the debate. .
This is something that lr· .
fan seems to have sorted out .
in his hend. Something that .
the Juma Masjicl taughthim .
and his parents helped hlm .
like Juhi but all this dream girl business.. you know I was four when Qayamant .
1 .
. ‘ .
( .
. .
I .
The other side of cricket Is monsy. Endorsement deals could lead you to a ramp in Delhi (th~ ‘girl’ In the picture is .
Harbhajan Singh) .
makes things happen on the cricket fielcL And when he doesn’t, hejustkeeps trying, wearing his India colours and his smile. So the en· dorsement contracts and job offers have come. .
He’s on air promoting Hero Cycles and Pepsi. Ad· men say they’ve got him cheap. (An initial two-year contract for a newcomer ltke lrfan usually comes for between 15 and 20 lakh ru-.
pees). Given his promise, it .
made business sense to sign .
him up right away. .
The shoots can be de-.
manding. But hiau handles .
them his way. During one .
such shoot. lrfan found that .
he had to use what’s called a .
‘vanity van’-a vehicle with .
.,.. .
t .
the others-look a tad silly. But here’s where his up-bringing comes in: he shows no interest in appearing glamourous or macho, or whatever it is thattnany way diverts attention ft’om what hereallyis: a cricketer with a conservative upbringing. .
A photo shoot at the pool? Don’t even think about it. A picture session at the gym. No. A few pictures of him tn prayer…? Tauba. tauba. He has designated spaces for the outside world. and is doing his best to keep it that way. .
It intrudes anyway There was a big story in the Gu-jarat papers some ttme ago about how Juhi Chawla was hian’s "dream girl". "I mean I like her. but all this .
‘ ‘ . ‘ . .
do.,,,.,P’I ..,,, n.,,.,., 1116’"’ PlJlfJ "J.3.JJ)..J UJ .
‘f~7 OJ·· –.
tv .

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