Playful Attraction Gambits That Work Every Time When Picking Up Girls


If you can get a girl to laugh, then you’re doing pretty good. Unless, of course, she’s laughing AT you with her friends at your completely lame pick up attempts. But we’re talking about good laughs, the kind that get you closer and closer to slipping in between her sheets and blowing her mind again and again.

The strategies herein are based on a little bit of rapport. You don’t know her that well, but you feel comfortable enough talking to her about common, every day things. You can use these on a first date or in a first conversation.

What you do is find out stuff about her, basic stuff. Not politics or religion or her economic slant on how to fix the world economy. Those discussions are better left until after you’re married and hate each other.

For example, you start talking about what kind of food she likes. Say she likes Italian food. You ask her what kind. Let’s say she says Lasagna. You say something lame like, “Wow, really? I like Lasagna too! What’s your favorite sauce?” Now, at this point, you sound like any other lame goofball trying to agree your way into her pants.

But then you start to disagree with her. Not only that, you act as if she’s crazy. Totally nuts. For example, she says she likes “marinara” sauce on her Lasagna. You act like that’s about the same thing as liking to sprinkle dirt on your ice cream.

Say something like, “Wow, I thought you were going to say Alfredo sauce. Are you serious?” Suddenly you’re having a playful disagreement. But you take it playfully serious. Ask her if she had any kind of emotional trauma when she was a kid to her liking marinara sauce on her Lasagna.

Remember, don’t get rude or angry. Be obviously playfully serious. But serious. Meaning that you’re actually looking for stuff you really can disagree with. Obviously if you think that marinara sauce is the best thing since sliced bread, this won’t.

The strategy is simple. Find stuff you agree on. Lay on the “me too!” really thick. Drill down deeper until you get to an honest disagreement. Then act like that her preference is proof that she should be taken right back to the loony bin and locked up for good.

Even go so far as saying that you don’t date crazy girls, and you’re not sure if this is going to work out. Then before she responds, apologize and change the subject. Tell her it’s your fault for bringing up such a touchy subject.

Then repeat the process all over again.

Have fun!


Source by George Hutton

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