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Lush, green jungle and gently rolling hills coat the vibrant country of Bangladesh. The converging point for the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers, Bangladesh has used the wet environment to cultivate rice to feed its growing population and to export to surrounding nations. Economic growth was resilient during the 2008 global financial crisis, and political corruption of the past is being rooted out with a largely free election in December of 2008.

Continued government dishonesty and mismanagement of natural resources, however, leave Bangladesh in a precarious state of economic uncertainty. Exacerbated by frequent flooding, soil degradation, and deforestation, overpopulation plagues the developing country. Bangladeshi women and children are sold into neighboring India and Pakistan as prostitutes, domestic servants, and forced laborers. Bangladesh is home to 29,000 Burmese refugees, and a decades-old land dispute with India continues despite the signing of the 1974 Land Boundary Agreement. Relations between Burma and Bangladesh are becoming increasingly tense as military personnel are sent to prevent more illegal cross-border transit.

While political matters become more strained, the spiritual health of the nation grows stronger. Though Christians make up only one percent of the population, that number is tripling ever year. The church is making an impact through humanitarian efforts, especially with indigenous tribes. However, 88% of the people of Bangladesh remain unreached, with 89% following Islam. In the face of political corruption, may Christ’s character shine through the actions of His followers as Bangladeshi Christians encourage their countrymen in this time of doubt and uncertainty.

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