Pregnant Pakistani woman stoned to death by family

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A pregnant Pakistani woman has been stoned to death by her family in front of a high court for marrying the man she loved. Farzana Iqbal, 25, was waiting for the High Court in the eastern city of Lahore to open when a group of around dozen men began attacking her with bricks, said a senior police officer. Her father, two brothers and former fiancé were said to be among the attackers. Farzana suffered severe head injuries and was pronounced dead in hospital, police said. Farzana had been engaged to her cousin but married another man. Her family registered a kidnapping case against him but Farzana had come to court to argue that she had married of her own free will. Around 1,000 Pakistani women are killed every year by their families in honour killings, according to Pakistani rights group the Aurat Foundation. Report by Claire Lomas.

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40 thoughts on “Pregnant Pakistani woman stoned to death by family”

  1. These are actual demons that roam the earth… ironic how religion drives them to do these things to remain “just” and “righteous” but in the end they’ll get their karma

  2. In the middle of Kabul, the capital ?? From because of only single extremists. The credits the population has done that. These are not better than the IS or the Taliban !! Because it always means that only make individual Islamists. No !!! That's because there is the whole arab world is a terror pool. Women's stony, children's hike, etc. Islam is sick what is that a broken, ugly and shabby culture ????

  3. I m a Pakistani but I agree that Here Honour killing is very common in the case of women but if a boy or a man commit Adultery or do anything wrong no one kill that guy in the name of honour…These People can die but can't let their daughters to spend their life as she want except a few people 80 Percent of Population Here make it an ego issue that why daughter or sister is telling her will.
    Even the Holy Prophet PBUH has Ordered us to Ask the daughters about the guy she want and let her marry That guy but these people use religion where they want and ignore it where they want..
    And if she has committed adultery Then Allah says that He is FORGIVING AND MERCIFUL just come to me if u have done something wrong ask me for forgiveness I will surely forgive you and purify you like you have done nothing wrong
    Idk then what the hell is so wrong with our Muslim countries killing women in the name Of so called honour.

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