PSA: Did You Know? Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) is how big of a problem?

Did you know…?
*-Child sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime in America.
*-There are currently 79,000 young adults and minors being sex trafficked in Texas.
*-Texas has the second most reported number of child sex trafficking cases in the US.
*-There are less than 600 beds available nationwide for child sex trafficking survivors long term recovery from trauma, but we have over 13,000 animal shelters.
*-There are less than 24 beds available in Texas for child sex trafficking survivors.
*-1 of 6 missing children are likely victims of sex trafficking.
*-86% of reported child sex trafficking victims were in the care of social services or foster care when they went missing
*-The average age a young girl is lured or forced in sex trafficking is just 13 years old.
*-There was 846% increase in reported child sex trafficking cases from 2010 to 2015.

Featuring: Vaughn Brock, Bobby Jenkins, Tom Meredith, David Osborn, Jeff Serra.

Music: “Prayer for the Trafficked,” Ryan DeLange

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