Raising a Daughter or a Guinea Pig?


Marriages are indeed made in heaven. But is it applicable for every girl? Well, as per as my opinion is concerned, it’s a big NO. The moment she crosses the age of 18, her parents start to think that she might never get married if she continues to be career-oriented. Then she is shoved into a married life, either by her parents or boyfriend, where the scenario takes a massive turn. The first adventure comes as a circus show where everyone comes to see the ‘new daughter-in-law’. She is ought to be beautiful as well as brainy to gain the top spot. Her face must resemble that of the goddess Lakshmi and she must be a scholar. When all the neighbors and the family members appreciate her in every aspect, she gains the position of an ideal daughter-in-law. Well, all the appreciations and praises were given without even knowing her name. Then her perfect figure and hair come into the picture. Oh my god! It adds a huge value to her repute.

A Competent Worker

Let’s check her working capability. Wait a minute; is it working in an office or at home? Alas! The girl, who is extremely educated and held a managerial position in her office, is expected to know all the household works. How will she know? She was busy studying and building her career. She hardly had time to relax. Cooking and washing clothes were done by her mother. But, the in-laws, who are also the parents of a girl, expect this from their so called daughter.

Sacrifice is Only Expected from the Wives

The girl sacrifices her name, room, the comfort of her mother’s arms, security of her father’s presence, job, hobbies, privacy, and even her identity, just to be a cook and maid. But the irony is, when the same people convert from being in-laws to parents of their beloved daughter, they become over-protective. They expect their son-in-law to stay in their home where all the royal arrangements will be done by their daughter-in-law and the appreciation will be gathered by them. But, never want their son to stay at his in-law’s place. Is this a girl, who had a bright future, deserves? She could have been the boss of people who are equivalent to her husband. But, she chose to sacrifice it for love and respect.

What is Our Future?

This is the scenario of every house. I don’t know where we are heading to. Being the mother of a girl I really am worried about her future. After all, our society doesn’t accept an unmarried girl. Therefore, the conclusion is to raise her like a Guinea pig and hand over her to the people who are not at all concerned about her or her opinions. Where will we be, twenty years down the line? It depends on us, the youth. If we raise our sons to respect women and her feelings, the scenario can change. The girls should also be taught to respect others and be self-sufficient.


If boys are allowed to sleep until the time they want, his wife should be allowed as well. If a wife can cook after office, husbands can as well. In this way, our country might find happier and healthier families. Bossism and slavery will be eliminated from the face of the society and nuclear families will unite to become one. An equal right fetches equal position and we can definitely expect to see a brighter future.


Source by Rakhi Som Deb

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