Ramadan scenes of Sehri Iftari in Pakistan (Rawalpindi Islamabad) | Roadside Iftar Pakistan 2022

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Amazing Ramadan scenes of Sehri & Iftari in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan. A Ramzan Special espisode. Ramadan famous street food. We bring to you sights and sounds of Ramadan in Pakistan 2022. We will show you Pakistan Ramadan street food. In this video you will find glimpses of Iftar & Sehri in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. You will also see some devoted ramadan charity workers who are doing their job as workers of ALLAH swt in ramadan, offering a Free Grand Iftar in Pakistan 2022 for the past 13 years continuously. The drum man at Sehri, The naat reciter who comes for waking people up… The sound of fajar azan, the atmosphere of masjid/mosque at early morning. The beautiful sunrise, the lovely rain in ramadan, the amazing street food of ramadan in Pakistan. The open air grand iftaris from charity foundations and individual charity workers.. all make a rich, pleasant and cheerful experience of ramadan in Pakistan.

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