Rib Side, Foot and Lower Back Tattoos – Sexy and Feminine Tattoo Designs For Girls


The rib side, foot and lower back tattoos are perhaps the hottest and sexiest tattoos that a lot of girls go for. Gone are the days when tattoos were only expected on boys. Nowadays, society thinks that ink on girls is sexy and seductive. The only hurdle when it comes to tats for girls is how to make sure that the finished design looks classy and feminine. The key to doing so is to keep the designs simple and playful while staying away from dark or highly-suggestive themes.

Rib Side

Rib side tattoos are becoming more common by the minute. For one, girls are always looking for ways to show off their toned bodies and having ink on their ribs will only make them look hotter in their swim suits. Quote tattoos are best placed in your rib side. The reason for this is because there is more skin to work with so you can have a much longer tattoo like Megan Fox. Choose quotes that mean a lot to you and keep the font style elegant. The next time you’re on the beach and the dudes don’t notice your abs, they definitely will notice your rib tat.


Foot tattoos are great for women because they are inconspicuous. You can go to work without getting a pink slip for going against the dress code, at the same time you can have a fun weekend and show off your amazing ink tat. Star tattoos will always look dainty on girls. Stay away from the more masculine nautical stars. A good idea is to have a dotted star design. Basically, instead of a huge star, get little stars but have plenty of them. They will look like a trail of stars and is a great accent for your heels. A name of a loved one or special someone will not only look cute but is also a sweet gesture.

Lower Back

The lower back is another strategic place to have a tattoo because it is a body part that can easily be concealed. At the same time, having ink on your lower back can prove irresistible to many men and you can instantly show off your tat with a pair of low-rise jeans. In a bid to keep your tat classy, stay away from pretty raunchy and highly suggestive phrases and designs. Choose curvy, vines with flowers. Colorful butterflies and dragonflies are other feminine designs for your lower back. Or go to fantasyland and have a tattoo of an ethereal fairy.


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