Robert Jensen: What do men tell us about pornography and what does pornography tell us about men? + Q&A

Robert Jensen’s keynote speech for the Engage Conference 2021 followed by a Q&A.

Summary: The feminist critique of pornography is helpful in understanding the experiences of both women and men. How are women used in making porn, and what do women experience in a pornified world? How are men socialized to find pleasure in the exploitation of women, and how can they resist that training? In this talk, Robert Jensen discusses how pornography and the other sexual-exploitation industries (prostitution, escort services, stripping) reflect and reinforce patriarchy and male dominance, but also explores how men are increasingly looking for ways to reject that view of sex and sexuality. How can the feminist critique help gay men as well as straight men? The talk includes frank descriptions of pornography, but no images are shown.

There is a Q&A following the talk, hosted by Björn Suttka (co-founder of Male Allies Challenging Sexism)

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