Selecting the Right Reception Area Office Furniture


Although she is likely to be the person who is paid the lowest salary in your company, your receptionist is actually the most important person in your company. Indeed she is more important than the CEO, the company’s VPs, all the managers, secretaries and everyone else combined. If you are one of those people, especially if you are the CEO, you are having difficulty with this declaration, aren’t you? After all, your receptionist didn’t land the biggest account with that Fortune 100 company last week, did she? She didn’t figure out your company could save thousands over the next three years just by implementing that new algorithm, right? And she certainly didn’t have her face plastered all over all the business magazines after the company launched its new product, did she?

No, she didn’t devise a new algorithm, she wasn’t interviewed by the reporters, beat your competitors out of that deal and she certainly doesn’t have the title director of marketing following her name, but she holds other weapons in her arsenal. She fields the calls from the reporters and knows precisely how to handle them. She knew when the head of the Fortune 100 company walked through the doors who she was and whose office to escort her to. And on the day that the algorithm went kerflooey, being the first one into the office, she knew to call the head of IT. And because of that call, it was fixed before anyone sitting in the executive suites ever knew about it.

The Best Office Furniture for the Most Important Person

Does it really make any sense to give the most important person in your company office furniture that is dinged up, doesn’t function well, looks like it’s about to fall apart? Shouldn’t your reception area be as professional and presentable as the CEO’s office? It should stand to reason that your VIP be as comfortable as possible and have everything she needs easily accessible. Not only should her desk, chair and filing cabinets be as elegant as possible, they should also be as practical and useful as they can be. Given how many hours per day your VIP sits and must always have a smile on her face ready to present it to whomever walks through that door, her chair should be as comfortable as the CEO’s, right? Someone who must greet people both on the phone and in person shouldn’t have to start every conversation complaining of back pain.

And now that we’ve established the importance of getting your VIP quality and elegant office furniture, go get her some flowers for doing such an excellent job!


Source by Herb Leibacher

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