Shahid Khan – Became The Wealthiest American With $500

➡️ Shahid Khan is a billionaire, he is the first non-white owner of an NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars football franchise, the London-based Fulham Football Club an investor in AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and an investor in BNC (Black News Channel).

➡️ When Shahid landed in America he did not had money to spend one night at a hotel. S

➡️ His company Flex-N-Gate provides bumper to 1/3 of all cars in America.

In today’s episode, we will look at the life of a Pakistani-American businessman: Shahid Khan

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9 thoughts on “Shahid Khan – Became The Wealthiest American With $500”

  1. Right decision at right time at right place brings success and paves way towards new elevations. All these factors contributed to the status of Mr Khan. There are many like him in Pakistan but have no regard by the system of Pakistan. Salam to Mr Khan. Had he been in Pakistan he would have never progressed so much.

  2. It teaches that u have to be extremely gifted and smart to succeed and have perseverance! If u r not super smart u will be just average-like me (,,,,,good thing u don’t know me 😂

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