Shake ; a short film

My third short film.

Canon Xh a1
SD 24F, preset 8, 2:3 pull down

Vegas 9e

Shutter: 1/48~1/24
Gain: 3~6db
Coring 9

Mic: Rode vm mic

* a cafe, subway, buses
* I love Seoul’s night sight of Han river only!


scene 1: a girl in a subway car acrossing Han river at evening.

scene 2: in a cafe, man say,

Man: Why do you call me continuously like a leech?
Girl: (no answer.)

Man: You know I’d said I hate you.
Girl: (no answer.)

Man: Weren’t you a cool girl?
Girl: (no answer.)

Man: I hate your character like this. You are wishy-washy.
girl: (no answer.)

Man: I’d suffocated by you while I had met you.
girl: (no answer.)

Man: I want to be free. I don’t want to be bound to anyone.
girl: (no answer.)

Man: Look here! I’d erased your phone number already. Look! This is my new girl’s number.

Man: (receive a call from his new girl. conversation by phone) Honey, where are you? Take the exit number 4 and you will see the movie theater. Wait there. Now I’m with a schoolmate. She ask me something and it’s difficult to deny it. Ok, I’ll be there in a minute. I see you. (ring off and to his ex-girl in front of him.) Never see again. I go. (going out) Hey, why don’t you meet new boy? There are so many boys in this world other than me. Be happy please.

scene3: the girl in a bus acrossing Han river at night.

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