She offered me the Job of Playboy *Beware* | Online Scams#2

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Recently, many scams have surfaced due to most people having access to a mobile or a PC and due to the high usage of digital technology. One such scam is the GIGOLO scam, where you get invited to this service with the promise of earning big money and a lucrative career. Are these calls genuine? We have an entire call recording with one of the scammers so that you can find it yourself and take the right action if you encounter such calls.

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00:00 – I picked up her call and..
01:13 – Why Gigolo scam is so Dangerous
02:10 – Real & LIVE Gigolo Agent Call Recording
23:59 – How they convince and scam you
25:30 – How to spot if it’s a fake scam Call

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Video Disclaimer: This is only an opinion video for general public awareness, and the picture used in the above video is only representative and fictitious.

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37 thoughts on “She offered me the Job of Playboy *Beware* | Online Scams#2”

  1. Apne ko in scammers se bacha ke rakho aur haan apne ko online bhi bacha ke rakho kisi bhi attack se aur uske liye… (P.N: the picture used in the video is fictitious and doesn't represent the real person)
    ..Install Guardio today and experience a cleaner, safer web.
    Get 20% off on the premium monthly subscription and a 7-day free trial of GuiardIO by using my link:

  2. Recently received friend request from 2 girls on FB.

    When I accepted the request,they quickly said hi .

    I knew it was fishy coz the friends they made are all male .

    I asked one to not act fake which I didn't get any reply.

    In the other one ,the user said she is a call girl .

    I quickly unfriended them .

  3. Thank you Bhai for making this. I've been investigating on my own regarding this off late as many gigolo scams are happening. Most of such ads are posted on Locanto and 90% of them are a scam. Thanks again for letting people know how real this is.

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